A dirty little secret about references.

Every painting or remodeling company can give you a handful of great customer references, but here are two very important references most companies can’t — or won’t — give you: banker letters and vendor letters. Established in 2002, we’ve worked diligently to create a stable and reputable company, and we’re proud to provide you with references not just from our customers but from our banker and our vendors.

A banker letter attests to the long-term financial stability of the company.

Well-established painting or remodeling contractors should provide current letters of reference from their bank so you know that they are financially stable.

Vendor letters show that the company pays its bills.

House painters and remodelers who are unable to provide letters of reference may not be able to obtain the material for your project on the date promised due to credit problems. Even worse, they may hit you with additional charges because they couldn’t buy material at competitive prices because of the same credit problems. Finally, some contractors have disappeared with homeowner’s deposits by not completing the project due to financial problems.

Customer references are evidence of consistent success.

We provide homeowners with a list of 25 references for recently completed painting or remodeling projects. Contractors who only provide 3 or 4 references may not deliver a consistent service. Any contractor can find some satisfied customers. If a contractor can’t supply at least 25 recent references beware. Click here to read V.I.P. customer testimonials.

“At V.I.P. Services, Inc., our reputation continues to grow because we believe that your project is about YOUR vision. By working hand in hand with you through every phase of your project, we deliver a quality product, on time and on budget.”