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BIG Box Store: Contract Services

BIG Box Store Contract Services   A few words about “big-box store” contract services: I’ve had lots of feedback from potential clients about services from “big box stores”.  I am always surprised that most people feel the service they receive at these “wal-marts of  home improvement” is low, are often disappointed when buying in the […]

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Matching Existing Paint Colors

  Matching Existing Paint Colors At VIP Services, we often provide patches, texture repairs, stain blocking, etc. for walls and ceilings. The reoccurring problem is always “how do I match the paint?” A few options: Use the Existing Leftover Paint– The best alternative is to use the existing leftover paint that was initially used to […]

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Fixing Wallpaper and Texture Problems

Dated Wallpaper: At V.I.P. Services, we’ve been busy the past few years eliminating dated wallpaper from the last decade. Many of my clients had wallpaper in the Kitchen and Master Bath, but it soon became dated. We hang very little wallpaper today for this same reason; it gets dated so quickly and is costly to […]

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OnJanuary 17, 2013, posted in: VIP Blog, Wallpaper/Texture by

Exterior Painting – The 2 coat “deal”

In working with potential clients over the past 10+ years, they sometimes mention that “the other painter says they are applying 2 coats on the exterior. Are you applying 2 coats?” While this may seem like an easy question, it is often a less than honest answer when others say “yes, we apply 2 coats” […]

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OnFebruary 28, 2012, posted in: Exterior Painting, VIP Blog by

Big-Box Chains – Pricing “Gotcha’s”

A low price often looks good ($39 carpet install charge for your whole house!), but is often too good to be true.   The big-box strategies break every job into tiny details in order to get calls coming in, and estimates going out. They often don’t include generic items that most expect to be included.  Simple […]

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OnNovember 13, 2010, posted in: Big-Box Chain Store Services, VIP Blog by