Bathroom Remodeling Costs In Rockwall, Texas

At VIP Services, we understand that embarking on a bathroom remodeling project in Rockwall, Texas, can be both exciting and daunting. It's essential to have a clear understanding of the potential costs involved to make informed decisions. This guide breaks down the typical expenses for various aspects of a bathroom remodel, helping you plan your budget effectively.

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a multicolored tile shower

Custom Showers

Custom tiled showers are a luxurious upgrade that can dramatically enhance your bathroom's aesthetic and functionality. Costs range from $5000 to $8500, influenced by factors such as tile material, size, and design intricacy. Standard ceramic tiles are more affordable, while high-end options like marble or custom mosaics can significantly increase expenses.

a shower niche with shampoo in it


Adding features like niches, benches, and upgraded valves can boost both the utility and appeal of your bathroom. Niches, perfect for storing toiletries, typically cost between $600 and $1000. Benches or seats, which offer added comfort and accessibility, range from $600 to $850. Upgrading your shower valves to high-quality models can cost between $800 and $1500, ensuring optimal water control and durability.

a glass shower with a colorful tile wall

Glass Enclosures and Floor Tiling

Glass enclosures provide a sleek, modern look, making your bathroom feel more spacious. These range from $2000 to $3500, depending on the type and thickness of glass. Floor tiling is another significant aspect, with costs varying from $1500 to $2500. Keep in mind that the choice of tile material, along with the complexity of the installation, affects the overall price.

a bathroom with all white cabinets

Cabinets, Countertops, and Painting

Upgrading your bathroom with new cabinets and countertops can transform its functionality and style. Cabinets generally range from $1000 to $2200, while countertops can cost between $1250 and $3200 based on the material and size. Additionally, painting your bathroom is a cost-effective way to refresh the space, with prices ranging from $1500 to $2100 for a professional job.

A bathroom remodel in Rockwall, Texas, involves various components, each with its own cost considerations. Understanding these expenses allows you to plan and budget effectively for your project. Whether you're updating a few elements or undertaking a complete renovation, VIP Services is dedicated to guiding you through the process and delivering exceptional results tailored to your vision.

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