Bathroom Shower Remodel Buying Guide

When deciding on a shower remodel in your home, there are many factors that you should think of. Below is a list of features, options, and upgrades that you may want to consider when building your new shower or planning your bathroom shower remodel!

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Tile Considerations

  • Tile Size: Choose the size of tiles that fits the space and design aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Tile Pattern: Decide on the layout of your tiles - offset, diagonal, or straight. Consider the installation style that complements your design.
  • Accent Stripe: Determine if you want to include an accent stripe in your tile design for a pop of color or texture.
  • Edges of Tile: Choose between bullnose or Schlueter edging to finish the edges of your tiles professionally.
  • Seal Tile: If using natural stone tiles, remember to seal them properly to ensure durability and longevity.

Shower Design

  • Shower Size: Decide whether you want to keep the shower size the same or modify/expand it for a larger space.
  • Pony Walls: Consider adding short walls on one or two sides of the shower for a defined space.
  • Shower Design: Choose between a traditional shower with a curb or a curb less/roll-in shower for easier access.
  • Shower Valve: Check if you need to replace the shower valve and determine its location for convenient use.
  • Hand Sprayer: Decide if you want a hand sprayer built into the showerhead or a separate wall-mounted unit for better functionality.
  • Body Jets: Consider adding body jets or sprayers for a luxurious shower experience.
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Shower Additions

  • Shower Seat: Choose between a corner seat, full bench seat, or fold-down wall-mounted unit based on your preference.
  • Shampoo Niche: Determine if you want a single, double, or wide full-wall niche for storing shower essentials.
  • Niche Size & Location: Plan the size and location of the niche for easy access while showering.
  • Foot-hold/Shaving Niche: Consider adding a small niche for foot support or shaving convenience.
  • Handrail/Grab Bars: Assess if handrails or grab bars are needed for safety and support in the shower area.
  • Towel Bar: Decide if you need a towel bar attached to the glass enclosure for convenience.

Deciding On shower Glass

  • Height of Shower Glass: Determine the height of the glass enclosure for privacy and functionality.
  • Glass Type: Choose between clear or frosted glass for the shower enclosure for the desired level of privacy.
  • Enduro-Shield Glass Treatment: Consider adding Enduro-Shield treatment to the glass for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Shower Finishes

  • Shower Enclosure: Choose between framed or frameless shower enclosures based on your design style.
  • Enclosure Finish: Select the finish of the shower enclosure - brass, chrome, brushed nickel, black, gold, etc.
  • Grout Type: Select the grout type based on your preference - standard or upgraded epoxy grout for a stain-proof finish.

These are all of the details that your dedicated VIP Services Project Planner will discuss with you directly when planning your project. She will also set up your meeting with our Complimentary in-house designer, order materials, and confirm that all materials are on site before the project starts. This low-stress, well-planned process ensures that you have a great project and a great experience.

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