Matching Existing Paint Colors

At VIP Services, we often provide patches, texture repairs, stain blocking, etc. for walls and ceilings. The recurring problem is always “how do I match the paint?"

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Paint Matching Options

Use the Existing Leftover Paint – The best alternative is to use the existing leftover paint that was initially used to paint that wall. Even if it is older, it may often be the best match.

Buy new paint in the same color – If you know the paint name, and company, the 2nd best alternative is to buy a new gallon of paint, from the same manufacturer, with the same color name, and sheen.

Match the Paint from a Sample – If none of the other options are available, then we will usually cut a piece of wallboard from the wall, and have the paint matched.

Touching Up

Touching-up a repaired spot on a wall is sometimes possible when the paint is fairly new (only 3-4 years old), hasn’t faded much, and when you have the existing leftover paint

If that is not the case, the new matching paint will often have a slight shade difference in color. Since that is usually the result, we paint the entire wall from corner-to-corner, and floor-to-ceiling for that wall only. If painted in this fashion, the touchup is not visible from wall-to-wall.

When painting a ceiling, we will paint the entire ceiling for that area, provided that there is a good stopping point, and that ceiling does not lead into several other ceilings, with no real division.


Matching Paint

Of course, we cannot guarantee a perfect match for any paint. VIP Services will get a first match, and then proceed by painting the spot, or suggesting the entire wall or ceiling be painted.

If you are concerned about getting a near-perfect match and would like to touchup a small spot only, we suggest using Sherwin-Williams to get a match. They will start with a computer match, then a store rep. will continue to match and blend the paint until the match is near perfect. We’ve found that this is usually a better match over a simple computer match. If not close enough, return to the store for an adjustment, and re-test the color, until you have an acceptable match.

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