Primary Bathroom Remodel Buying Guide

Below is a list of all of the items we will review with you during our 1st meeting to discuss your bathroom remodel project. This list should help you determine which options, features, and upgrades you may want to consider when planning your complete Primary Bathroom Remodel project

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options for Your Flooring and Cabinets

  • Demo Floors
  • Install Custom Cabinet Doors
  • Install New Baseboards
  • Install New Toilet OR Re-install existing toilet
  • Demo/Install Vanity Cabinets
  • Install Custom cabinet doors on existing cabinets
  • Custom cabinets
  • Finish/Paint custom cabinets

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What To Do With Countertops and Walls

  • Re-texture walls - remove wallpaper or fill over existing texture
  • Re-texture ceiling - remove popcorn texture
  • Relocate electrical for lighting OR add more lighting
  • Install wall lights
  • Custom countertops with under-mount sinks
  • Mirror installs replaced

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Bath Tub and Shower Installation

  • Demo Tub
  • Demo garden tub and deck
  • Relocate tub drain
  • Relocate supply lines for tub valve
  • Installed new, free standing tub
  • Frame for tub deck
  • Install drop in tub
  • Tile tub deck, surround and skirt
  • Tile walls behind freestanding tub
  • Tile Shower
  • Niche for showers
  • Custom frameless or framed shower glass

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Other Factors to think about

  • Paint ceilings, trim, walls
  • Install exhaust fan
  • Tack strips or transitions needed at doorways
  • Remove furdowns and repair walls/ceilings
  • Install or add more recessed lighting
  • Replace shower valve
  • Add shower seat
  • Grab bars for showers or tubs
  • Plumb for hand sprayer

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More Aspects That We Will Talk About

  • Shower Tile
  • Shower Niches
  • Shower Grab Bars
  • Replaces Mirrors
  • Ceiling Retexturing
  • Wall Lights
  • New Painting
  • Complete Demo and Remodel

All of these details will be discussed with your dedicated VIP Services Project Planner also when planning your project. She will schedule the meeting with our Complimentary in-house designer, place material orders, and be sure that all materials arrive before we start your project. This well-planned, low-stress process ensures that you have a great project and a great experience.

Great Client Experience: Beginning-To-End

This is our focus at VIP Services.