Aging In Place In Wylie, Texas - Making a Home More Accessible with Remodel Modifications

Over many years of remodeling, we’ve found that many clients are concerned about being able to “live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level”, commonly defined as Aging In Place. This is also a consideration for family members that have regular visits from Parents or Grandparents that may stay with them for short-term or extended timeframes.


Live Safely In Your Wylie Home

Falling in the home is one of the leading causes of injuries. Common features in an everyday household, such as a lack of support in the shower or bathroom, inadequate railings on the stairs, or obstructed doorways are common hazards. However, simple and common modifications to any home can greatly decrease these risks and improve independent usability for owners and other visiting relatives.

  • Increased lighting ($300 - $550)

  • Accessible or Lowered switches ($300 ea.)

  • Grab bars at showers and stairs ($150 ea)

  • Nonskid flooring and tile ($850 - $1500)

  • Hand-sprayers Inside showers and tubs ($250 - $1250 if plumbed)

  • Converting Tubs to Walk-In Showers for easier access ($3000 - $6500)

  • Curb less Showers - Removing the curb or step to create a “curb less” shower which prevents tripping and allows for roll-in access. ($1500 - $2500)

  • Open Showers with glass panels, but without doors for easier access. ($1000 - $2200)

  • Shower Seats or benches ($250 - $950)

  • Automatic or Touch-less faucets ($550 - $750)

  • Taller “Comfort height” toilets ($550)

  • Floating cabinets or vanities with open access below for better wheelchair access. ($750 - $1250)

  • Widening door ways for better walker or wheelchair access ($650 - $950)

  • Pocket doors create less obstructions and are easier to open/close ($1200 - $1600)

  • Automated/motion sensitive light switches ($100 - $150 ea.)

Quality material is often the only focus when making remodel decisions. At VIP Services, we know that there are companies that can provide similar quality, but owners often find the remodel experience to be disappointing.

At VIP Services, we not only focus on the total quality, but more importantly, the clients’ overall experience. Having the right team in place, who follow written processes, to ensure that all details are covered, while slowing down to plan correctly prior to starting is our primary focus. We know that delivering a quality product is very important, but we also know that the process and experience you have while getting there is just as important.

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