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Exterior Painting Guide For Sachse, Texas

Proper Prep. Steps & Repair Costs

When looking to repaint your home's exterior, for any Sachse Texas neighborhood, there are many things to consider, including the quality of the paint, the preparation for the home, and the type of materials used in the repairs. This article will cover the exterior painting process, exterior renovations and repairs, and the main issues to consider when hiring.

While there are many companies that can paint the exterior of your home, understanding the right preparation, having their written process, and ensuring that you can trust that they are following those processes, is ultimately important. Most larger companies use subcontractors exclusively for exterior painting, which encourages the use of cheaper paint (other than what was quoted,) skipping required prep, and covering up small repairs with caulking instead of replacing it as needed.

Be sure that you understand:

  • The Written Process for your project
  • IF employees or subcontractors are providing the final product
  • The Company’s oversight and management procedures to be sure you are getting what was quoted


Exterior painting should always start with good prep. This part, if done correctly, takes for longer than the actual painting of the home itself.

  • WASHING the entire exterior of the home, which includes all painted surfaces. This includes gutters, doors, overhangs, and any wood surfaces. Windows are usually lightly para washed as well.
  • SEALING all cracks around windows and doors should also be included to prevent drafts and water leaks. A siliconized, but paintable caulk should be used around all windows and doors. Other larger cracks in trim and overhangs are usually caulked as well.
  • PRIMING - After power washing, all bare wood areas should be primed with an oil based primer, which provides for more protection before painting any wood surfaces.


At VIP Services, we often see chimneys take the brunt of the weather damage. Usually corner boards are either rotted or very loose along with some of the siding that touches the roof. As part of our process, we normally install screws into the corners of the chimney boards to prevent them from loosening overtime in the sun, this also prevents further water leaks inside the home. We typically check the flashing around the roof also since it is common to have roof leaks around this area if more extensive repairs to the roofing or chimney is needed, we would always discuss prior and advise. Depending on the height of the chimney and location (first or second floor), chimney corner board repairs can range from a few hundred dollars up to $500 or $600.

If all of the existing siding is required to be replaced, that again could be $750 for a smaller chimney versus $1500-$2000 for a much taller chimney on the second floor. VIP Services always include the use of concrete board instead of less materials. Concrete siding and panels will look identical


Siding along a roofline, often gets wet with every rainfall. If your home has an older Masonite/particle-board type exterior siding, it will usually absorb water over time and rot from the bottom up, anywhere that is adjacent to the roofline. This is a similar issue with Masonite/particle-board exterior panels, which are similar to siding, but installed in 4‘ x 8’t sheets. We will often replace the lap siding along the roofline with concrete board/ Hardie board which will not rot over time. Larger 8 foot tall panels can be trimmed on the bottom, and also replaced with concrete board, instead of replacing the entire panel at a significantly higher cost. Replacing lap siding or repairing panels along a roof line will typically run just a few hundred dollars per side.


Other exterior repairs include replacing trim boards around windows, as well as facia board and soffit repairs. These types of repairs are often common where Masonite was used originally, and where gutters have backed up to force water into these areas. Cost to repair soffit and fascia varies greatly, again based on location, height, and size of repair. If only a small piece of facia needs to be replaced, coming at a length of 3 to 5 feet it may only cost $75-$100 to replace, while a larger rotted area, that includes the soffit and fascia repair, could be approximately $250 or more, including materials.


In Texas, squirrel damage is also very common. While squirrels will often damage Masonite/particle board materials, as well as real wood, hardie/concrete board is very resistant, if not impenetrable. We have found that replacing those areas where squirrels have been chewing, with concrete poured, often prevents further holes and Trojan into the attic.


Checking gutters should always be part of any repainting process. We often find leaking or rusty gutters that need repair or full replacement. Gutters are sometimes adjusted improperly or have moved overtime and need to be rehung to drain properly. These are usually small items that can cost a few hundred dollars but will make a big difference to the longevity of the surroundings. Gutter screens are often added as well, which prevents the buildup of debris, which causes mini gutters to overflow into the overhang also.


As part of the process at VIP Services, we also check the vents on the roof, and spray paint them to match the shingle color. This is more for aesthetics than anything else, but makes for a nice presentation after everything else has been painted.


Using a good quality paint, such as Sherwin-Williams 25 year Super Paint should be the minimum standard when painting any home’s exterior. Many companies tend to use a 10 or 15 year paint, which is not a significant savings over a 25 year paint. It may be as little as a $10-$15 savings per gallon over an average of approximately 10 gallons per home. While most people would normally have their home repainted within 25 years in any case, The higher quality paint will protect the wood from damage over a longer timeframe. Also, check out the “2-coat deal” blog that details some common sales issues from some companies.

While including the complete proper prep, masking, caulking, and spraying, a typical one-story home, at approximately 1800 to 2200 ft.² which is mostly brick, with some siding on the backside, may cost anywhere from $2500-$3500. This will vary by the amount of additional prep and priming that may be needed.

Larger homes, with similar brick coverage from 2500 to 3500 ft.², would cost roughly $3000-$4000. This would include all paint and prep materials.

An additional front porch or patio cover would be added to any of these ranges of cost.


Painting for these areas would include everything that is currently the same color as the main body of the home. This would include gutters, overhangs, chimneys, Doors and Overhead Garage Doors. Additional upgrades include a second color of trim on the home or painting the front door and or shutters a different color as well, adding a second color to all of the trim on the home could easily add $1000+, while painting a front door or shutters, a different color would only add a few hundred dollars.


  • Minor chimney repairs: $400 - $600
  • Complete chimney siding replacement: $1500 - $2500
  • Minor Trim repairs: $75 - $100
  • Replace soffit/fascia per 10ft: $250 - $350
  • Exterior painting – 1800 – 2200 sq. ft: $2500 - $3500
  • Exterior painting – 2500 – 3500 sq.ft: $3000 - $4000

While there are many issues to consider, we hope this article provides some accurate overall cost to consider when planning to hire a contractor for exterior painting. Quality of installation, process and materials should be the focus of any homeowner’s decision

At VIP Services, we know that there are many companies that can provide similar services, but we often hear that the client’s overall experience was disappointing. After improving our processes for over 20 years, our main focus is client’s overall experience. Having the right employees in place and detailed processes to ensure that every detail is covered, while slowing down to be sure that the planning is correct before we swing, the first hammer, is our primary focus.

Please see our page at VIPServices4u.com for more details on our approach, processes, and guarantees.