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Primary Bath & Shower Pricing In Wylie, Texas: How to Control Costs & Best Practices

So you’ve decided to remodel your primary bathroom shower either because the builder grade shower is leaking, you’ve had some foundation settling, or because it’s just time for a new modern look. In any case, there are many factors that will affect the overall renovation cost from tile selection, design and size, and optional features. VIP Services reviews each of these along with approximate pricing for each. We’ll also discuss some things to consider when working with a general contractor on your bathroom shower remodel. See our Bathroom Remodeling page for more details on our process.


VIP Services Demo Process

Depending on the type of existing shower that you currently have, demo pricing will vary from $400 - $1000. A simple fiberglass shower stall with glass will be on the lower end of demo costs, while a full 1980’s closet-style shower with the older concrete-&-wire mesh. Construction will be significantly more to demo and remove. 1st floor demo vs. 2nd floor will also add a premium to this removal, along with the addition of a dumpster if needed. Many cities will often haul off construction debris, but you should always check prior. When renovating a bathroom or shower, demo prep is the key to having a contractor that provides an overall great client-experience. The VIP Standard includes covering all doorways with zipper openings, covering all floors into and out of the area, as well as covering everything in the adjacent bedroom to control as much of the dust as possible. Air Scrubbers that continuously Filter the Air are another popular choice as well DUST-FREE Demo which is offered to all VIP Clients.

Our Construction Process

Basic shower construction is similar but varies by the type of materials and techniques used in the construction. Floors are typically constructed of sloped concrete with a waterproof liner. Concrete backer board is recommended for walls and ceilings where tile will be installed. Foam board and other less durable materials are also used in some cases. While some installers may use semi-waterproof greenboard to reduce costs, it is not recommended for a long-term high quality shower. A typical 2-sided, 4ft x 4ft shower, which includes demolition, all of the generic construction materials and tile can vary from $5880- $9560 depending on location (1st floor vs. 2nd floor), type of tile used, and exact dimensions. Other Features and Upgrades below would be added to this total.

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Features: Tile Design

Tile design and material selections can also affect overall pricing since specific design layouts often take more time and labor to install. Basic tile designs such as straight installs, with no pattern, or offset brick patterns are typically included, while upgrades to include accent stripes, stone tile, and mosaic patterns are usually added as upgrades. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are priced similarly in terms or labor, but can vary in costs, with porcelain tiles being more durable and slightly more costly. These can increase the overall shower remodel price by 10-25%

Curbless showers, or Roll-In showers which eliminate the need for a curb or step-over at the entrance, is another popular upgrade. Depending on the type of construction (subfloor framing vs. Concrete slab), this upgrade can add $700 - $1500 also. See more photos at our Bathroom Gallery

VIP Services offers Complimentary Design Services with all major bathroom remodels. We’ve found that clients are often overwhelmed by the variety of choices, so having a true professional help with those selections really helps with stress-levels and delivers the VIP client experience.


Features: Niches and Shelves

Options such as recessed shower niches for shampoo and soap, can add $500 - $1500 depending on the size of the niche, type of tile, and location. Many clients choose a double niche, approximately 15” x 15” which includes 1 niche below and one above on a front or side wall. Larger niches, may run 3ft – 4ft wide x 15” tall along an entire back wall of a shower for even more storage and a more modern look. Corner shelves are another options, which are significantly less expensive for materials and labor and could be a little as $100 - $200 each. The VIP Standard includes niches constructed of concrete-board only, and properly sealed to ensure a long-lasting leak-free finish. Be sure that you have those details before you buy.

Features: Seats and Benches

Shower seats or Benches are also a popular feature with our clients. VIP Services constructs all benches out of concrete block instead of lumber and sealer, to insure a long lasting, rot-free upgrade. These can be created a smaller corner seats, or full benches that cover 1 entire wall. Depending on the size of the bench, these often cost $650 - $1050. Tile patterns and type of tile covering the bench can also add to the overall total.

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Shower Shelves and Sprayers

The shower valve is normally replaced in most shower remodels to avoid possible demo and repair later if the existing valve remains. A licensed plumber should always be employed to install this unit since he is properly insured for plumbing related issues. A simple valve installation should be expected to cost a min. of $575 + the cost of the valve itself, which can vary from $500 - $1500 or more, depending on quality and style. If the valve is being moved to a new location, or adjacent wall, this could double the cost for the additional plumbing labor and materials. Many clients prefer to include additional heads, body-jets, or hand-sprayers, which will require a Diverter-Valve to be installed, which will redirect the water flow to each. Each of these units can add the same cost as the initial valve installation due to the extra labor and materials to plumb each of these items. Diverter valves are priced similarly to the main valve, while body jets and hand-sprayers can vary from $350 - $1350 in most cases.

Shower Drains and Plumbing

Shower drains are always replaced by VIP Services during the new shower construction and are included in the scope of work. Many clients prefer to relocate the drain to a new location in order to re-center it based on the new shower size, or to one end to accommodate a linear drain. Licensed plumbers are always used and required for this type of plumbing work. If a drain is located on a Second floor or in a Pier & Beam subfloor, relocation is less costly since concrete does not need to be removed and refilled. Relocating a modern drain line 1-3 ft can be $890 - $1420 on average, but could be more based on obstructions, reframing, subfloor repairs, and drywall patches that may be needed. These additional repairs often add 50% - 100% to the cost of moving a drain.

Relocating a drain within a concrete floor 1-3 ft adds an additional cost of $740 - $1510 to demo the concrete floor and refill. This is also dependent on the thickness of the existing concrete, obstructions, and the type of concrete foundation. Many of these details are not often known prior to demolition, so you should allow for some changes to these costs once the project begins. While drywall, painting, and even electrical cost are fairly easy to determine prior, plumbing costs are the most difficult to guarantee due to unknown and unseen issues.

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Custom Shower Glass

While many glass options are available, most VIP Services’ clients prefer Clear Frameless Glass with Chrome, Black or Brushed Nickle finished handles and hinges. A typical 4ft x 4ft shower with Frameless Glass on 2 sides will start at $2750 depending on the height, size of the door, and exact dimensions. Larger showers, with more glass, are provided at a high cost, based on the overall square footage. Other finishes include Brushed Gold or Oil-Bronze which can cost 10-25% more.

Thinner Framed-Glass options cost less, but are often considered more of a builder-grade feature. These can be 25-35% less than frameless glass, so most homeowners opt for the cleaner look of true Frameless Glass.

Upgrades to glass shower panels include Frosted surfaces, Streak-Free Glass coatings for easier cleaning, and Added Towel bars on the door or glass panels. Glass Coatings and Towel bars can add 10-20% to the glass cost, while Frosted glass often adds 25-45% to the overall total.

Ease-Of-Maintenance Features

VIP Services includes many quality features as part of our VIPS Standard and 3-Year Warranty. These include:

Grout Sealer – Grout sealer is included with every install, which will not require sealing within the 1st year. Epoxy-grout is an Upgrade option which can be applied also. Epoxy-Grout does not need to be sealed, and resists moisture, mold and mildew better than standard grout.

Grout Caulk – Grout caulk is applied at all corners. Often, as every house moves over tile, a small hairline crack will develop in corners. While this does not create a leakage issue, it is unsightly. VIP Services always applies a flexible grout-caulk to all these areas to cover the minor issues.

Our Process and Guarantee

When looking for a Residential Remodeling Contractor to help you with these types of projects, consider asking about their Process and Guarantee. VIP Services has a written process which is provided with every Shower Remodel Proposal and Bathroom Makeover. It includes all the essential steps along with photos of each so that you fully recognize the necessary procedure to ensure a long-lasting hassle-free shower.

We’ve also found that while there are many companies that provide acceptable quality for these types of remodeling services, Homeowners often complain about the Process of getting it all done and the follow-up when issues arise.

When selecting a remodeler, always ask about their process and plans for every stage of your project. During the planning process, we assign a dedicated Project Coordinator, that will set up your complimentary Design Consultation with one of our Designers. Many clients feel this is a huge help when trying to make decisions about design and features. The VIP Services Project Coordinator will also walk you through our constantly improving VIP Services Process for setting up your project, ordering materials, introducing our Scheduling Coordinator and Pre-construction meeting. We feel that slowing down for planning, and ensuring that all of our ducks are in-a-row is the only way to be sure that things run smoothly, without lots of starts-and-stops along the way. This is the VIP Experience (link to homepage) we always plan on delivering.

Please see Our Website at: VIPservices4u.com for more details about our services and reputation. Or Visit our Photo Gallery


Demo: $400 - $1000

Curbless Shower: $700 - $1500

Niches: $500 - $1500

Shelves: $100 - $200

Seats/Benches: $650 - $1050

Valves: $575 - $775

Relocate Drains: $950 - $1500

Custom Glass: $2500 - $3500