Bathroom Remodeling Costs In Murphy, Texas

Here at VIP Services, Inc., we’ve been remodeling bathrooms for the past 20+ years in the Murphy, Wylie and Sachse areas, and felt that most clients, that have never had a bathroom makeover prior, often wonder about the overall cost and selections that affect the total price. We’ll review each of the parts for your bathroom and provide some accurate costs associated with each, including cabinets and countertops, tiled showers, flooring, tubs, and painting. Check our Gallery for more pics and inspiration.


Tiled Showers

Replacing a tiled shower can include everything from demo to Framing to Tile and other options like recess niches and benches. Shower cost, depending on the size of the shower and type of product that is being demoed can range between $5000-$8500 with the smaller size being a 3‘ x 3‘ shower, and the larger being typically 5‘ x 3 to 4 feet. The type of tile, size of the tile and design can affect this rough cost. Also patterns and stripes always add additional labor which intern at additional cost. While focusing on the final result is always paramount, preparing the area to control dust is the key to ensuring that your experience throughout the project is as favorable as possible. Be sure to ask your remodeling contractor for their written process, and steps they take with every project to mitigate dust.

For more extensive details on tile shower remodels, see our other blog post dedicated to this subject.


Many of our clients prefer recessed niches, which are custom sized for each client. These can be approximately 15 x 15“ single niches, or double niches or long and wide niches that extend across the entire wall. These again can range from a minimum of $600 up to 1000 or more depending on specifics.


Shower Benches and Seats

Bench seats are a common option that many clients include as well. These are often installed along the entire side wall of any shower, or can also be built as a corner seat instead. Common cost for building these, with all concrete blocks to prevent rot (the VIP standard), typically cost $600 to $850 depending on size.


Shower Valves

The shower valve is usually replaced as well. When replacing any existing shower that is more than a few years old the cost of a shower valve can range anywhere from $300-$1000 plus depending on your preference for economy versus luxury. Installation costs for most plumbers start at $500 and increase depending on the difficulty of the installation. Other options include additional body jets, hand sprayers, and diverter valves, which would be additional due to the extra plumbing labor and cost of materials. When considering these additional sprayers, always consider the size of the supply line as well since additional jets will result in a lower flow overall. A new larger supply line may be needed to support the proper flow for all of these additional outlets, which could come at a significant cost from the licensed plumber.

Glass Surrounds

Most showers include custom framed or frameless glass units. While framed units are 20 to 30% less expensive, frameless units are much more common and desirable finishes include black, brushed, nickel, chrome, brass, and the more popular brushed gold. Cost of these different finishes will vary, but only slightly from one to the other. Depending on the size of the shower, most of these units start at $2000 and could easily extend to $3500 depending on the exact size, number of panels, location, and overall height.


Floor Tiles

Floor tile, including installation and demo, can easily run $18-$25 per square foot, depending on the existing installation and price point of the tile that is purchased. This assumes that the existing tile is installed over concrete instead of a subfloor. If installing tile on a subfloor, concrete board would always be needed before installing the new tile, which would add $4 to $6 in additional cost for labor and materials. Second floor installations may increase this overall cost slightly. Typical bathroom floor installations, based on common sizes and overall square footage are between $1500-$2500. As a VIP Standard, small grout widths are always offered, while grout-sealer is always poured into the grout as part of our VIP process. This prevents shading, discoloration, mold and mildew for the 1st year to provide less maintenance and a hassle-free final product. Epoxy Grout is another upgrade every remodeler should offer, which does not require sealing to prevent mold, mildew and discoloration over a longer period.


While custom cabinets are sometimes preferred, prefinished, solid, wood, non-particle board cabinets, which is the VIP standard, are more common, partially due to cost, as well as selection. Most bathrooms, include approximately 10 to 12 feet of lower cabinets with a possible upper cabinet over the toilet typical cost for prefinished shaker style cabinets, are $100-$150 per linear foot. Demo on installation cost are typically $45-$65 per foot.



Don’t believe the hype, and roadside signs listing granite and quartz countertops at $35 per square foot. While the raw materials may cost that much, fabrication and finishing, delivery and installation is always additional. Most suppliers only sell granite or quartz countertop material by the slab, requiring you to purchase much more than is needed, with a much higher waste factor, increasing your overall cost. VIP Services works with several fabricators that provide a large variety of quartz and granite by the square foot, eliminating the higher waste factor. Quartz is typically 10 to 15% more and granite with prices for both starting at $135-$200 per square foot once you consider, and include sinks, cut out and polish for sinks, demo, installation, measure, and template, backsplashes, and drilling for faucet holes.


Tubs and Decks

Most modern bathrooms include a standard garden tub, with a tiled deck and backsplash. Many homeowners are also choosing to illuminate the deck and install a freestanding Roman style tub. Cost for either type of tub can range on the low end from $500 up to $2000 plus. Installation by a licensed plumber is typically $650 up to $1200 depending on difficulty. Deck mounted valves are typically installed around a garden tub in or similarly priced to the shower valve. Installation cost, while floor mounted valves installed near a Roman style tub can be 30 to 40% more installation labor. Most clients prefer to tile the deck and skirt at the front of a garden tub or, in the case of the Roman style tub, the two walls behind the tub or tile as a backsplash. Either of these, including Tile, can run $1500-$2500 overall for Tile materials, and installation.


Since the early 90s, wallpaper has been going out of style, so a common request is to eliminate the old wallpaper every texture the walls. This also includes painting the walls and ceilings along with all the doors and trim based on a typical 10‘ x 10‘ bathroom, this cost can be $1500-$2100 including paint texture, and other materials.

Summary Of Costs

Tiled showers: $5000- $8500

Niches: $600 - $1000

Benches/seats: $600 - $850

Valves: $800 - $1500

Glass surrounds: $2000 - $3500

Floor tile: $1500 - $2500

Cabinets: $1000 - $2200

Counters: $1250 - $3200

Painting: $1500 - $2100


VIP Services Guarantee

While there are many other factors to consider, we hope this helps you with some accurate overall cost to consider when making your decision to remodel your primary bathroom. Quality of materials, as well as quality installation is often the focus of any homeowner's decision, and VIP Services, we know that there are many options from companies that can provide similar quality. However, we often hear that the client's overall experience during the remodel is disappointing. VIP Services, we not only focus on the overall quality, which honestly is the easier part, but more importantly, the clients overall experience. Having the right team of people in place, the right processes, to ensure that every detail is covered, and slowing down to be sure that the planning is correct before we swing, the first hammer, is our primary focus. We know that we can deliver, and have delivered a quality product but we also know that getting there is just as important.

Please see our page at VIPServices4u.com for more details on our approach, processes, and guarantees.