With over 20 years of experience with kitchen remodels in Allen, Texas, VIP Services, Inc. has found that most of our clients have never had a kitchen renovation completed, so they usually have many questions about budgeting and the range of costs that are involved, as well as choices that will greatly affect the total price. I’ll discuss each of the components of a Kitchen remodel and includes some ranges of costs for each, including custom cabinets vs. Prefinished Cabinets, Cabinet Refacing, Cabinet Painting, Granite Countertops, Quartz Countertops, Backsplash Tile, Tiled Floors and Painting. Please see our Gallery for more inspiration and Before/After Pictures.


Custom cabinets are a common request, but are not typically needed for every Kitchen Makeover. We Install many more Prefinished Cabinets over True Full Custom Cabinets. Most clients usually opt for Custom Cabinets due to their choice of style, wood stain color, or paint color, which may not be available from Pre-finished cabinet suppliers. They may also choose Custom Cabinets due to a unique feature or size that they need, which may not be available in a prefinished cabinet.


VIP Services’ Custom Cabinets are all plywood construction and come unfinished, in a paint-grade plywood with hardwood fronts and doors, or can be provided in Oak, Ash, Maple and many other wood species. Soft Close hinges and drawer slides are common also. Custom cabinet typically range from $150 to $225 per foot, but will vary depending on type of wood (paint grade vs. stain grade). A mid-sized kitchen may be $11,000 to $17,000 in most cases. Painting or finishing would then need to be added to this cost.

The Prefinished cabinets provided by VIP Services are not the builder-grade, low-quality units that give all prefinished cabinets a bad name. These cabinets are made of all plywood construction, and include solid-wood fronts, dovetail drawers, soft-close hinges and full-extension soft drawer slides. No particle board is used in the construction. The baked-on finish is also as durable as an on-site paint coating, which substantially reduced chipping. Most high-quality, shaker-style, pre-painted cabinets will cost $225 to $275 per foot. A standard modern sized kitchen can range from $10,000 to $14,000. Demo and installation cost can be $2500 to $3500.

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Cabinet refacing is another very common request. Many clients like the layout of the existing kitchen and cabinet construction, but don’t appreciate the outdated style of the doors and drawer fronts. Out of style doors and drawer fronts are usually the only items that give their standard cabinet boxes this dated look. By replacing the doors and drawers fronts with new custom units, dated cabinets can be reface to match the modern clean lines of a shaker-style counterpart. We often replace minor trim or crown molding to match this shaker style. If the existing cabinet are stained, most client opt to replace the door and drawers and then paint the interiors and exteriors to complete the transformation. This is always a significantly less costly option than replacing all of the kitchen cabinets. While the number of doors and drawers will vary from kitchen to kitchen, an average sized kitchen may be $4500 to $5500 for all custom doors and drawers, which includes demo and installation.

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At VIP Services, new or existing cabinet are always masked & sprayed for a smooth factory-like, uniform finish. Cabinets are never brushed and rolled. After masking the entire area, a shellac based primer is sprayed. This primer is the best product we have found to ensure a better top-coat adhesion when preparing to paint over existing stains, lacquers, and paints. Everything is then sanded, and all edges and doors are caulked and filled for a seamless appearance. We then apply a Sherwin Williams Premium Urethane Enamel for more durable finish over latex paints. This is also a very Low-odor paint product when compared to traditional Oil-based finished. Painting, using the specific process mentioned, can range from $2670 to $3850 for most average sized kitchens. We know that a quality result is important, but we’ve also found that using the right process is key. Controlling dust by creating a plastic tent enclosure from floor to ceiling and well as covering surrounding areas and floors outside of the workspace is important to ensure that your experience through the project is as positive as possible. Every general contractor should have a written process which includes all of these steps. If its not in writing, it won’t likely happen.


Granite is a popular choice for counters, while Quartz has been the most common choice due to the range of colors and selection. Granite counters are available in only those selections that naturally occur, while Quartz can be made in any color and pattern desired. Most often, clients choose a Carrera Marble look-alike, which mimics the look or real marble, without the disadvantages of real stone. Quartz, unlike granite or marble, does not need to be sealed, and is typically impervious to stains, which is a practical benefit. Signs and advertisements don’t always tell the true story when it comes to pricing at $35 per square foot. These ads don’t include many of the necessary steps to get a finished countertop such as demolition, installation, delivery, measure, and fabrication. Also, VIP Services partners with several suppliers that provide these slabs by the square foot instead of requiring clients to buy the entire slab, which can often include lots of extra waste. Pricing for Granite and Quartz ranges from $135 to $200 per square foot after adding everything needed. A typical kitchen can range from $4500 to $7400.

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When installing a new Kitchen Backsplash, existing tile and backer board is normally removed during demolition. Some installers prefer to salvage the existing backer board in order to save some time and material costs, but this is not suggested. The existing backerboard is often damaged and uneven due to remnants of adhesive or thin set from the existing tile removal. This makes it difficult if not impossible to get a smooth and level install over a very uneven surface. Remove and replacing the backerboard with new is always the preferred method at VIP Services. The cost of the backerboard is minimal, while the additional labor to demo and install is also minor when compared to the excess time needed to install over old backing. Tile is usually installed from the top of the countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinets. Some clients prefer to install tile to the ceiling, around the vent hood wall, which also makes for a nice center point. Including average priced tile, the demo and installation cost for most backsplashes are in the range of $1500 - $2500.

Floor Tile

Including installation and demolition of existing tile, the cost of new floor tile can be $18-$25 per square foot, which depends on the existing material that was installed, 1st floor vs. 2nd floor installs, and the price of the new tile purchased. Typical Kitchen floor installations, using average sized kitchens, are between $1600-$2600. The VIPS Standard is a small grout width for less cleaning and discoloration. We also pour a grout-sealer into the grout to prevent shading and mold/mildew for 1 year without additional sealing as a VIPS Standard. As an upgraded offer, Epoxy Grout can also be provided which does not need to be sealed. This is a common upgrade that most Kitchen Remodeling Contractors will offer, since it also prevents mold and mildew growth as well as discoloration of a longer timeframe.


When painting walls, VIPS provides Sherwin Williams products, with the option to upgrade to a premium line of paint as well for better cleanability. Most walls are previously painted, and do not need priming, so 2 coats of paint are always applied. White ceilings will typically require only one coat of white paint. Most trim and doors are already white and will also require only 1 coat. Additional coats can be applied, but are not usually required for a clean uniform finish. A typical Kitchen which includes a breakfast area can range from $850 - $1290, which includes paint and all other preparation materials

Summary Of Costs:

  • Custom Cabinets: $11,000 - $17,000
  • Pre-Finished Cabinets: $10,000 - $14,000
  • Cabinet Demo/Install: $2,500 - $3,500
  • Cabinet Refacing - Custom Doors & Drawers: $4500 - $5500
  • Cabinet Painting: $2670 - $3850
  • Custom Countertops: $4500 - $7500
  • Tiled Backsplash: $1500 - $2500
  • Floor Tile: $1600 - $2600
  • Wall/Trim Painting: $850 - $1290

We know there are many considerations when planning a Kitchen Remodel and hope that this article helps to provide realistic costs for each of those parts. Quality materials and quality installation is important, and often the sole focus of many owners. At VIP Services, we know there are several companies that can deliver similar quality, but often hear client stories of the poor experience they had with others. When asking out previous projects, it is not uncommon to hear “They did decent work, but…..they never showed up on time, …I never knew when someone would be here, I couldn’t get anyone to answer my calls, etc… “

After 20+ years, getting the physical part of the project done takes much less focus than the process of getting there. We focus on the client’s overall experience by having the right people, dedicated to each phase of planning, ordering, and implementing our long-term constantly improving processes. Being sure that every question is answered, every product is ordered and waiting, as well as slowing down for proper planning and quality is the key to a good client experience and a successful project. This IS our primary focus.

Please see our page at VIPServices4u.com for more details on our method, management, and guarantee.