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Your Top-Rated Local Bathroom Specialist, focusing on Complete Bathroom Remodeling - Shower & Tub Tile, Vanities & Custom Countertops, Re-texturing & Painting, And More!

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Are you a Homeowner in the Wylie Texas area, looking for a complete or partial remodel of your bathroom? Whether you are interested in a simple shower tile remodel, or a complete Turn-Key, Low-Stress and Well-Planned Remodel, we’re the local specialist you can depend on.

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Complete Bathroom Remodels

"Down to the Studs" remodel with an upgrade. 3-year warranty and 1-year Free Touch Up

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Tub-To-Shower Conversions

Convert your old tub to a new stand-up shower. Ask about all of our conversion options now!

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Custom & Prefinished Vanities

Custom Cabinet finished on site, or pre-finished solid wood vanities ready to install in your home.

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Tiled Floors

Ask about our dust-free demo options as well as our wide variety of tiles and colors to choose from to make your new home bathroom perfect!

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Reframing & Drywall

Removing walls, many quartz, adding pocket granite doors & linen options.

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Wallpaper & Popcorn Texture Removal

Strip, sand, and retexture to update your entire bath.

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Complete Painting

We have 10+ in house painters focused on excellent preparation and attention to detail.

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Shower Options: Custom Niches, Seats, & Custom Glass

Custom Options for every shower

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Get Your Project Done Right & Planned Right with VIP Services


It is possible for a home remodeling project to be done right without the hidden charges, hassles or poor Client-Experience that are all too common.

When discussing prior home renovation projects that potential clients have had completed, they often mention the many issues with getting the job done, rather than the overall results. We commonly hear

“They did a decent job, but...

they were messy….

they didn’t show up on time…

they weren’t organized…

so I wouldn’t hire them again”

In other words, the other companies finished the remodel with decent results, but getting there was not a pleasant experience filled with anxiety, disappointment, and overall angst.

Many businesses provide similar remodeling services, but only focus on getting the job done, without worrying about how to get there without delivering anxiety, disappointment, and overall angst.


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How We're Better 

Low-Stress Process

Dedicated Project Planner focused on making sure that all of our ducks-are-in-a-row, and everything is ready (either on site, or ready for pickup) BEFORE we swing the first hammer.

She will review all material orders, schedule design appointments and follow up on all selections. Nothing starts until she gives her stamp of approval! This process avoids untimely delays, rework and surprise change-orders for your project.

She will follow our written check-list to be sure we understand: how to access your home, if you have pets, dumpster location preferred, alarm codes, etc…. This is all part of proper planning!

Designer Help

Don’t be terrified of making a mistake!. Our In-House Complimentary Professional Designer is here to help! All of our Bathroom Remodel Projects Include Help with our Interior Designer that will meet at your home, discuss your ideas and materials you like, as well as accompany to our Suppliers to assist you with making all of design choices to achieve the best results, to alleviate the worry that you might make the wrong decision!

Constant Proactive Communication

Our In-house Full-Time Project Scheduler will coordinate every trade or worker that works on your home. She will ensure that you are informed at each step of the process. She will also set up a kick-off call to review any questions or issues with everyone involved in your project (VIPS Project Scheduler, VIPS Project Planner, VIPS Project Manager) BEFORE the project starts so we can be sure to address any concerns prior.

Guaranteed Pricing & Detailed Estimates

The quote we provide will be a guaranteed price. After providing bathroom remodeling for 20+ years, VIPS Services has the experience to cover all the details while providing Itemized Detailed Estimates instead on one big list and one big take-it-or-leave-it Grand Total. Always transparent estimates with Menu Pricing – Select what you want, remove what you don’t and always know what you are paying for. Don’t accept an estimate that is lite on details, which puts you at an unfair advantage. With VIP Services’ detailed and clearly worded Proposals, You will never need to say “I thought that was included”

We’ll even set up a 1 hour virtual-call to review your estimate, go through all the details, and answer any questions so you clearly understand what is included. (Some items like plumbing may be listed as an approximate, pending demo. Anything not guaranteed will be specified and clearly marked on the estimate. )

Change Orders - Always Pre Approved & In Writing

If during the course of your project, you decide to add or change anything, we will always provide a written change order for approval prior for any changes so there are no surprises at the end of the project. This is the only way we do business! No obligations, no pressure.

3 Guarantees In One

1. 3-year workmanship warranty – less worry that in a year or so, you’ll discover issues that are not covered. We’ve been providing improvements for 20+ years with over 150 reviews and great ratings, so we will be here to back up our work!

2. Complimentary 1-year touch-up guarantee. – no worries about minor scratches and wear-and-tear. WE have you covered! We’ll even email a reminder near the end of your 1-Year project-anniversary!

3. Lien Waiver to protect the homeowner from paying twice for the same work. If your contractor is not offering this, you should wonder “What else are they missing?”

Assigned Project Managers

Your VIPS Dedicated Project Manager that will check in on the your Project 2-3 times each week, or more often as needed to meet trades, review progress, and update your regularly to be sure everything is coordinated. He will also update you so that you know our plans each week, and coordinate any prep. that is needed for next steps.

On Site Walk Thru Before Starting

Pre-Construction Walk-through with you and your Project Manager to review the entire scope of work and address any concerns, discuss parking, prep needed, etc. This is an on-site review before the crews arrive, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Don't Pay To Get On Your Contractors Schedule

No large upfront deposits to “Get on Our Schedule” weeks or months before the project starts – Don’t worry that you sent a big check earlier and wonder if someone will show up in a few weeks! While custom items do required payment at the time of ordering, we don’t force clients to provide thousands of dollars in deposits just to guarantee their spot!

In House Employees

VIPS employs 10-12 workers as IN-HOUSE employees for most of the work we provide which includes painting, drywall and carpentry. VIPS employees are also covered under our worker-comp. insurance (NOT required by the state of Texas) so that you are protected from any accidents or claims. These employees are also trained in our VIPS Written Painting & Daily Clean-Up Procedures to ensure that the work progresses in a timely manner while keeping your home as organized, clean, and worry-free as possible. A messy job site is one of our pet peeves.

No Commissions/No Required Material Purchases

VIPS Services has never had a requirement to buy marked-up materials (tubs, faucets, lights, etc….) to work with us. Don’t be forced to pay an added markup just to work with your contractor! VIPS Services does not send a Commissioned Salesperson to drive up your cost or offer “extras” you don’t need. Our commitment is to provide professional advice and options, while avoiding pitfalls that may cost you more in the short term or long-run. Whatever you do, you can trust that VIP Services will provide sound, professional advice that suits your interest.

CLIENT “PAINS” WE HEAR ABOUT THEIR PREVIOUS REMODELER (And why they didn’t call them back!)

  • They were messy (no daily clean up procedure)

  • I never knew who was showing up (no Dedicated Project Scheduler)

  • I didn’t know what I needed to buy (no Dedicated Project Planner)

  • I didn’t know what was happening everyday at my home (no Dedicated Project Manager)

  • The crews didn’t know what to do (no written work orders)

  • I didn’t know what it would really cost (no itemized Proposals)

  • I didn’t get any help with choosing materials (no In-House Interior Designer)

  • I didn’t trust them in my house (no background checks)

  • I could never get in-touch with anyone about my issues (no Dedicated Project Manager)

  • The project kept getting delayed (no dedicated Project Scheduler)

  • They didn’t have the materials they needed (no dedicated Project Planner)

  • The project manager wasn’t up to speed on the project (no pre-construction walk-thru)

  • Everyone wasn’t on the same page (no Kick-Off meeting before starting construction)

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